Sunday, August 3, 2008

This and That

The past few days have been all about visiting friends. I visited my childhood friend Nidhi, who had a baby boy on 2nd July. It was touching to see her with the baby who looks just like her.
BTW I get touched easily and for any reason whatever, which at times is awkward and embarassing. I was fighting back those stupid tears when I clicked Nidhi's picture with her baby. Thankfully, she did not notice. Another episode was when I got tremendously touched at NV's pre-wedding celebrations. NV was all decked up and danced to a traditional wedding song and I had these big tears welling up. Somebody even clicked a snap of that moment where I am standing with my friends with this teary-eyed look like a sentimental old lady. Oh! I hate myself for all such awkward moments.

The dumb teary-eyed look!

Yesterday, along with Priya and Neelam, I visited Pritika who will leave tonight to US for her higher studies (read MBA). I carried my digicam to click pictures with her and guess what, we ended up making Pritika click most of the pictures. Priya acted very greedy yesterday. She will kill me for writing this, but it makes an interesting story. She grabbed a stuffed teddy that was gifted to Pritika by some friend and said that she would take it as a parting gift from Pritika. Yes, you read it right. Priya's reason was that since Pritika is not taking the stuffed teddy to US, it will keep lying useless in her home, therefore that entitles her to take it. Pritika said that she had no intentions of giving away the teddy but Priya is one adamant female and she shamelessly told Pritika's parents that she wants to keep the teddy. They readily agreed and poor Pritika was left with no option. However, after we were driving back from Pritika's place and had driven for about 5 Kilometres, Pritika called and told Priya to come back with the teddy as it was a gift and she was attached to it. We had a good laugh at Priya and drove back to return the troublesome teddy.


Priya said...

waise to mujhe tumhara blog padhne mein koi interest nahi hai....u read it right...interest nahi haiiiiiiii....but woh to meri pic acchi aayi maine socha ke padh bhi leti hoon...

tumhe kuch likhna nahi aata...are likhna hai to hindi mein likhiye aap...yeh bhi koi tareeka hai...saala angrejj hi ho gaye poore...huh

Nikita said...

Hahahahaa!!! Here comes the reaction to 'The Teddy Story', late in coming but expected.
Anybody reading this, this is my gang of friends - mean to the core and still endearing.
Love u Priya and love your boyfrend even more ;-)

Priya said...

Anybody reading this, Nikita is NOT AT ALL my friend...I dont even know her.

GALS..u just read her comment...better watch out!!u wdnt even cm to know when she has replaced u...BEWARE!!!

in short...aapke boyfriend ki izzat aapke hi haathon mein hai :)