Thursday, July 31, 2008

Reminiscing about College Days - Part 1

Oh! those were the days. I don't want to sound like someone whose life isn't exciting anymore and keeps revisiting the past to fill the void, because that's so not true. Life has given me bigger and better things but College Days are always remembered, especially when your college buddies were a gang of girls known for being different from other girls. We were 8 girls living together in a flat in our hostel and the flat number was 18A. By the end of our first year, this number held a feeling of notoriety among the girls and warden and one of curiosity among the guys. What's up with 18A??? Why can't they be like the rest???
The simple answer to which was that 18A fortunately comprised of girls with similar mentality and attitude; all of us were thrown together by some strange co-incidence. We were never known for great achievements in studies (though most of us were good at studies and succeded in getting ourselves placed during campus placements). We were known for- untidy rooms, always breaking the curfew timings, loud music, late night parties, being too friendly with guys, never mixing ourselves with other studious girls, and creating other troubles. My hostel days were a lot of fun because of my mischievious friends and especially because of my roomie NV. We managed to spoil each other a lot during the four years of living together. NV was active in keeping the room untidy and I was lazy in tidying up, so the result was a mess to which we got used quickly. The coming of Warden into our rooms was always the time of great frantic activity- stuffing bags and clothes under the bed and in the almirahs, hiding novels and pretending to be in deep concentration over Math books. Once Warden said she would check our rooms before bedtime and we wanted to impress her for once with clean rooms. After dinner NV and I tidied up to the best of our ability and waited eagerly for Warden to come. She came and said, "Your room is very tidy". Both of us smiled from ear-to-ear and said, "Thank you Ma'm". To our astonishment Warden was furious, "Shameless girls, that was meant to be sarcastic" and she stormed out of the room. We looked around carefully, "Shit NV, how could you miss that pile of your clothes visible from under the bed", to which NV said, "And how could you miss the pile of novels on your table with the table-lamp overturned on top of them". To our horror we realized that our eyes had stopped seeing the mess, but we never changed, at least for 3 years.
We shared the same hostel building with male students, which at times caused trouble. Once at night there was a power-cut and instead of studying by the light of emergency lights like the other girls, we were having fun. The weather was hot and we came out of the flat with our chairs and sat there to enjoy the breeze. Our flatmate Plucky was in a jovial mood and started dancing to the song 'Can't get you out of my head' which she was playing on her portable player with batteries. She is a good dancer but that day her moves were particularly provoking and funny, as the light was low and there was nobody around. We watched her as she jumped around, moved her waist, gave arousing expressions and what not. In a few minutes we were laughing hard and as the song ended we heard the sound of clapping from somewhere above us. All of us dashed inside but cautiously came back again out of curiosty. On the floor above us was a bunch of senior guys from MCA and they clapped again as Plucky came out. Plucky was red from embarrasement remembering her dance moves but walked back inside in a dignified manner and slammed the door behind her, following which we heard loud laughter from the above floor.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GMAT Prep Re-started

I started preparing for GMAT a month back, and in this month I have done less than a week's worth of actual preparation. I started reading a book called Cliff GMAT, read it from cover-to-cover in two days, took the tests in the end of the book, and scored a slightly better than average score. After that I decided to solve all problems in the tests given in that book and go through the solutions. I started this task, which should have taken me two or three days, but I procrastinated and lost track. Since then I have been doing almost nothing with respect to the actual preparation. I just read blogs and articles and talk to people.
I decided it was best to get back on track and sweat it out. It's a very bad idea to take a break from your preparations, which I did by taking a trip to Mussoorie, and since then I just could not resume my pace. I have started some serious study from today and decided to keep track of preparation on my blog.
I just have to remind myself each time I seem to give up that, I love solving mathematical problems and I am somewhat confident about my verbal skills, which give me an edge over other engineering graduates who are not native english speakers.
Time to slog!

Kismat Konnection - A Review

Do I need to say that the movie is bad? I guess not, since most of you have probably already read the reviews. Then why am I wasting my time writing a review about it? There are two answers - First, I love movie bashing. Second, an interesting incident took place when I went to watch the movie, which I wanted to share.
I went to the movie with my friend Neelam. We snacked before the movie in the food court and Neelam was adventurous enough to leave behind her cell phone on the table. I, of course, did not notice. As it was my birthday [ :-) I love bringing it up], I was carrying a digicam in my bag, and the PVR people don't allow eatables, shopping bags and cameras inside the hall. I was stopped at the security and was asked to leave behind the camera battery at the baggage counter. We went to the baggage counter, which is 2 floors below the hall, to do as asked. We were late by the time we rushed back to the security and did not check the audi number on our tickets. The first Audi on our right had a moving neon display on top which said Kismat Konnection. We rushed inside and reached our seats smashing the toes of various people. As soon as we sat down Neelam realised she was not carrying her cell phone. After a hurried check into her bag and then mine, she grabbed my cell phone, muttered something about being back soon, and smashed some toes again to rush outside. I now concentrated on the movie which had already started. There was Shahid Kapoor looking crestfallen, Vidya Balan getting engaged to someone and I was not able to understand what was going on. I thought a flashback into the past would soon happen, to clear things. However, I waited and watched but no flashback came. There was a song and many weird characters and other stuff but no flashback. I watched for about 15 minutes till Neelam came back. She said, "Nicky this is Audi 8, we are supposed to be in Audi 6." I responded with "So what, audi 8 is screening the same movie." Neelam watched with me for a minute and said, "I think we are watching the post-intermission movie."
"What!" I gasped. We looked at each other and dashed out of the hall, smashing toes again. I had no time to yell back at people who were yelling at us. We reached audi 6, found our seats and I wondered how come those same seats were unoccupied in audi 8. Providence, I suppose. I felt so bad at missing the first 30 minutes of the movie at that time, but I can safely assume now that the first 30 minutes were not too exciting either, just like the rest of the movie.
It's an illogical, slow-paced movie, with a boring plot and lifeless characters (Ah! so many adjectives). I have seen some illogical movies, which were entertaining (like Om Shanti Om) but Kismat Konnection falls too short of the mark to call even some parts in the movie as entertaining. I always go to the movies to look at good looking people for few hours. I don't want to look at a next-door-kinda-boy (Shahid Kapur) and a next-door-kinda-girl (Vidya Balan) for 3 hours. I see too many next-door-kinda-people in day-to-day life. Vidya Balan lived up to the expectations of dressing pathetically again. Why can't she just give up trying to glam herself up? It makes her look even more, ugh, sad!
The movie revolves around Shahid Kapur who plays the role of a failure who can't do anything right to save his life. In desperation he goes to a seer, played by Juhi Chawla (who seems to have forgotten all about acting), who informs him that he would be aided by someone or something that would make him lucky. Imagine! This someone, turns out to be Vidya Balan. Whenever, she's around he gets lucky - he lands a project, he plays a great shot at Snooker - oh, leave it. He becomes friendly with this girl in order to stay lucky but she's engaged and going to leave the country after her marriage which is going to happen soon. However, she realises her fiancee is a male chauvinist pig and is getting laid by his female boss. There are other things and characters in the movie that don't deserve to be mentioned.
My advice- Don't Watch. And BTW Neelam did find her cell phone, it was with the security people in food court :-)

Monday, July 28, 2008

On the day I turned 25

After having these amazing Dimsums, I watched the extremely boring movie Kismat Konnection. Vidya Balan looks pathetic and her outfits are 'oh-so-outdated'.

Cheers!!! I love White Wine. That's Di with my gift and Jiju uncorking the celebrations.

I can't wait to spill it into glasses. We had 2 glasses of wine each before going out for dinner.

You guessed it! That's my Birthday dress. But no points for the guessing, as I already posted a pic of my B'day Dress. :-)

Posing with my new bag :-)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Birthday Gifts

I live alone in Noida and wasn't expecting an exciting B'day and no B'day gifts at all. However, when you have a family as adorable as mine, any dull day would be filled with a lot of sunshine and warmth. Here are some pics of my B'day gifts - My B'day Dress from Mamma, a gift pack of Flowers, teddy and a chocolate from my brother who lives in Bombay, a cake from my Di and Jiju, a galmorous bag from Di and Jiju, 2 salwar suits from Mamma and Papa. Wow!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Birthday Plans and Preparations

Wow, Birthday eve is such a beautiful-wonderful time even though I don't have any great plans for tomorrow. Didi and Jiju called today to say that they will come to my place tomorrow and Jiju will take us out for dinner at The Great Kebab Factory (My entire family loves this place).
I will do some DIY pedicure and facial tonight to look and feel great tomorrow :-)
I have a sparkling bubbly tucked in my closet waiting to be spilled into glasses tomorrow to celebrate my Birthday. I love white wine and can hardly wait to sip on it. BTW this bottle of white wine has an interesting story on how it landed into my closet, but I will save it for another time.

First Post on My Birthday Eve

Hey, it's my Birthday tomorrow and I am already in a festive mood. I have this habit of treating myself with a gift on my Birthday since as long as I can remember. Last year I bought a cocktail dress but this year my birthday dress has been sponsored by Mom (thanks Mamma!), so after giving it a lot of thought I decided to gift myself, a creative outlet to my at times terrible and at other times terrific writing skills. So, here I am and it already feels wonderful. However, I have a concern, I have never stuck to ideas and things that I so zealously start! Although I feel starting this blog on my Birthday eve will probably give it a special place in my heart and I won't abandon it. This was the reason I decided to call it My Latest Fad, because this is what I feel about it now.