Sunday, October 11, 2009

Simply Love

How does it feel when you fall in love with someone who was your classmate 20 years ago, when you were 6 years old?
How does it feel when you fall in love with someone who has come back into your life after 13 years of separation?
It feels like a fairy tale, nothing less.
We are opposites in many ways and yet so similar. He was always the intelligent guy of class, while I was hardly ever concerned about studies. He was the class joker and I used to be sophisticated. He is a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm, while I am laid back. He is a Cancer and I am a Leo :)
And yet, we fill so many voids in each other's life; we have the same past, we have shared our childhood, we know each other's roots.
I am happy!! Unabashedly, wilfully, tremendously happy!!
We are in love.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you....Touchwood :)

Diwakar Sinha said...

I am v happy for you :)...
n I hope mine too culminates similarly

Anonymous said...

Amazing !!!

I believe that good things happen to good people ..

Hope u maary the love of ur life !!

Nikita said...

@Anon 1:
Thanks! :)

Thank you! I hope the best for you :)

@Anon 2:
Thank you!

Meghana Naidu said...


how wonderful!
wonderful :)
it warms the heart to see so much happiness everywhere!
congrats to the both of you!


smalltown_girl said...

am So excited!!
congrats !!
write more.. about love :)
the story!!
w all cud use some happy ending!!

Nikita said...

Thanks girl!!

@Smalltown Girl:
Yeah, would write more about our story... nothing would delight me more! Thank you :)

Spica said...

Yay!! Am so happy for you!!! :-)

unsungpsalm said...


This is so awesome :D

viswajith.k.n said...

happy for you man...uska naam kya hai? :P

Nikita said...

Thanks!!! :D

He is my childhood friend and co-incidentally the first crush of my life. Siddharth.

Thanks!! His name is Siddharth :)

pseudo intellectual said...

luck to you. you deserve all the happiness coming your way *hug*

pseudo intellectual said...
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Physio Free Lancer said...

Arey wot is this Siddharth thing yaar? Can i c him? I remember this name is from ur class 5 or 3rd when ashu bhai had a name 'niti' and mine was 'neelam' hehehe. Plz i want his pic. send me at i am having a feeling, i kno him. Is he Sid Negi? Plz send me a pic, main phone pe hi dekh lunga. Luv u bye. tc.

Nikita said...

Look for Siddharth in my friend list on FB, you will find him. Yes, he is the same guy you remember as my crush in class 5 :)
Not Negi though! Will tell you in detail about it but just keep it to yourself at home :)
Loads to share!

Physio Free Lancer said...

Thanx heavns, he is not 'the' Siddhart i Knew. Coz whom i knew, was from all saints and was a spoilt sprank. I met this guy i billiards room long bak in 2003 and he knw u, first thing clickd in my gaint sized brain was ur 5th stndrd frend. Phew.. Now m relaxed that 'this' Sid is another 1. And i kno, if it not the 1 i thot, it has to b somthing good, coz praji, i kno u deep inside. Just take care. Luv u.

Deboshree said...

Wow. Fairy tale indeed. Reminds me of an old school friend I met the other day, after almost 7 years. She used to be my best buddy once and it feels great to have reconnected.

Bless you both!