Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New Me on Good Old Blogosphere

2 Years!! More than 2 years it has been since I wrote a post on this blog and now that I have decided to take it up again, I don't feel like the same person anymore. It seems that I am writing on someone else's blog! I changed the blog template before starting to write a new post to give it a new feel, to give it a 'me' feel and yet who am I trying to fool? I have changed dramatically in these 2 years and it is difficult to maintain any continuity on this blog now.

I am married, I am a housewife and I am pregnant!!! Phew.... better to have it out in the beginning than to create a build up. Yet few things in my life have stayed the same. I am still the happy, careless, confused and loving person that I always was and that I always (hopefully) will be.

(I have sweet-talked the hubby into taking me out for dinner tonight and hence I have time to write my come-back post and read up on what my long-lost blogger friends have been up to. Else I would have been cooking dinner at this time of the day :))

I intend to blog often now and write about how my life changed in the past 2 years, about all the nervousness and anticipation associated with being pregnant, about my exciting new life as a housewife (ha!), and my dreams and plans for the future. I guess I would blog about many other things too that I can't think of at the moment, but I hope you get the drift. I am gonna blog about my life like I used to, except that this time it is going to be about far more important and serious stuff like lunch-box recipes for the hubby...... nyah.... I am kidding!!

See you soon with a longer post. It feels good to be back.... :)

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pseudo intellectual said...

Oooooh! Welcome back, Nikita! It's been far too long.
Congratulations for the wedding, and now a brand new member on the way :)
Also, this template is a little hard to read. Maybe change the font colour?