Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GMAT Prep Re-started

I started preparing for GMAT a month back, and in this month I have done less than a week's worth of actual preparation. I started reading a book called Cliff GMAT, read it from cover-to-cover in two days, took the tests in the end of the book, and scored a slightly better than average score. After that I decided to solve all problems in the tests given in that book and go through the solutions. I started this task, which should have taken me two or three days, but I procrastinated and lost track. Since then I have been doing almost nothing with respect to the actual preparation. I just read blogs and articles and talk to people.
I decided it was best to get back on track and sweat it out. It's a very bad idea to take a break from your preparations, which I did by taking a trip to Mussoorie, and since then I just could not resume my pace. I have started some serious study from today and decided to keep track of preparation on my blog.
I just have to remind myself each time I seem to give up that, I love solving mathematical problems and I am somewhat confident about my verbal skills, which give me an edge over other engineering graduates who are not native english speakers.
Time to slog!

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