Thursday, January 8, 2009

Okay, I stop Mooning and am back on Earth

Urgh!! I just read my last post of 6th January and I feel disgusted. Such an icky post it is!!

Trust me to get carried away whenever I pen down a poem. But to get carried away to that extent!!! I actually wrote an entire autobiography in that post. To all those who commented back with sweet and encouraging words, I know you guys were only being kind to me. The way we are kind to a lunatic or to kids and let them believe in their fairies and Santa. Thank you very much guys, I am touched :-)

To top it all, I read Shobhaa De's blog yesterday and left a comment there about how I never read any of her books because I was under the impression that she writes depressing stories but that I was pleasantly surprised at the liveliness in her writing and would definitely try one of her books. She actually e-mailed a reply to that!!! A one-liner reply about appreciating my frankness and a thank you. I saw that mail and went all Yay!! and Wow!! and dreamt last night of getting a book of my poems published and Shobhaa De unveiling it for me. Oh when will I grow up???


Mystique Wanderer said...

i once wrote to the chap who did the 'prison experiment' in psychology and we had a nice two email each side conversation :)

Nikita said...

Mine too was a two e-mail each side convo because I later found that it was her birthday and replied to her with a Happy Birthday. She replied to that too, dear lady that she is :-)
BTW, nice to see a comment from you after long :-)

Nidhi said...

that's nice to know...i wish i was in to books as much as you are.You know we"18A + bonus" aren't the intellectual kinds ;).

Nikita said...

Oh no!! We are all intellectuals but of a different kind. We always had creative ideas for mischief and having fun :-)
Look at you, doing so good in life!! That's being intellectual enough :)