Sunday, January 4, 2009

The New Year Begins

I watched Ghajini on the first day of the new year and really liked it despite the violence and just okay music (except Tu Meri Adhoori Pyas). I had a mind to write a review of the movie but I just read a post by Chandni, who is one of my favourite bloggers. She wrote a review of RNBDJ and it was plagiarized word by word by a certain Ms Salty Sea Breeze who posted it on her blog as her own. I feel offended for Chandni and that kills the mood to right a review now. I will write it some other time.

Anyway, the other day I read some lines by Vikram Seth that really touched my heart. I will dedicate them (even though they are not mine :-)) to The Unsung Psalm whose writings I enjoy. Here goes:

Some men like Jack and some like Jill

I'm glad I like them both but still

I wonder if this freewheeling

Really is an enlightened thing,

Or is its greater scope a sign

Of deviance from some party line?

In the strict ranks of Gay and Straight

What is my status: Stray? Or Great?

A few years back I read A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth and found it unnecessarily stretched out with irrelevant details although the plot and its setting were really good. There were many things that I liked about this book but the unnecessary length killed my interest in it when I had managed to read only about three-fourth of the book. It was the only book of my life that I had not been able to finish and I blamed Vikram Seth for that. However, when I read the above lines of poetry by him they salvaged his reputation in my eyes :-). Also, I found that Vikram Seth did his schooling from my hometown Dehradun (Welham Boys and Doon School), so that kind of settled the fact that I would definitely read more books by this author :-)

Luckily, the day I watched Ghajini I found that there was a Sale at the Om Book Shop in MGF Mall at Gurgaon. A sale and that too at a book shop is too tempting to ignore and so I went inside telling myself that I would not buy anything but would just take a tour. I already have around 5-6 still unread and good books lying around at my home and I had told myself that I would not buy any more books until I finish those that I already own. However, the shop offered a great bargain on many books and the shining hard covers of books had an almost lusty appeal. I think everyone would understand if I say that I finally did buy books but only 2 of them. One is of course by Vikram Seth (An Equal Music) and another is a collection of spooky short stories :-). It has some stories by authors like Edgar Allen Poe and Charles Dickens and has a beautiful cover, hence I bought it.

I got these two books for just 500 bucks, can you believe it? Such beautiful, hardbound, original books together cost just 500 Rupees!! Wow what an amazing start to the new year :-)


unsungpsalm said...

OMG Nikita, that's so sweet of you to dedicate those lines to me :)
I'm so delighted!

An Equal Music is soo beautiful. I only read half of it, though, because the remainder of the book was visibly going to be very sad, and I couldn't get myself to go through it.
But I'm sure you'll love it.

Yes, OmBookShop's 10-90% sales are simply fantastic! And oh-so-tempting!

mister avant garde said...

how come we don't have an om book shop down here in bangalore .... damn and double damn!.... anyways, you seem to be having a rollicking start to the new year girl ...

happy new year :)

Nikita said...

I hope I will finish An Equal Music and not leave it in middle like I did with A Suitable Boy. I don't want Vikram Seth to disappoint me a second time. I hope he won't :-)

@mister avant garde
Yeah it does seem like a good start to the year. And keep your fingers crossed for a Big Book Sale to happen soon in your city :-)

pseudo intellectual said...

i completely agree with you. buying book's the bestest start possible!
@vinay: why? don't you like blossom?

Nikita said...

@pseudo intellectual
It would have been an even better start if I had bought 14 books like you :-)

Rahi said...

i m back to ur blog and want to share this info with u.

that i buy my books from daryaganj's sunday book market. don't think that u not knowing about this market since u r in delhi.

it sure is a book lovers paradise. if u are looking for inexpensive deals on books and are not very fastidious about new books, i will surely recommend u to buy from here.

this sunday i bought a book by Indrajit Badhwar named Sniffing Papa. it was an old one and cost me just Rs 50 (imagine). will take it up after i complete The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga.