Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shaken And Stirred

Here I am after a little hiatus! Some of you might have even forgotten me, but hey, I am still on blogosphere :)

During the past month my blog's first birthday came and went (25th July), my 26th birthday came and went (26th July), but I did not as much as post a 'Happy Birthday Dear Blog', one-liner post. Honestly, I am so drained out these days that I don't feel up to even a twitter-like post. Anyway, belated birthday wishes for my online journal.

'Happy Birthday Dear Blog. You mean so much to me' :D

You guys may wish too.

I celebrated my birthday for 2 consecutive days and to such an extent that I promptly fell ill with exhaustion on the third day. Late night dancing and partying with friends, bringing three girlfriends home to stay for the night, and then chit-chatting till the small hours of the morning. It was fun! Almost like engineering college hostel days, all over again. And then, a quiet homely party with family on the following day. I couldn't have hoped for a better start to another year of my life.


Exactly 16 days are left for me to pack, shop, prepare, study, say goodbyes, etc. I am beginning to panic now. My things-to-do list has started appearing like a monster that is impossible to slay. The more tasks I finish, the more are added to my list. I actually have a to-do list that is growing bigger by the day.
I bought my ticket, bought a new laptop (HP Pavilion dv4), booked hotel and temporary accommodation in Belgium for 4 days, started my Statistics Course and did other stuff that I cannot even recall now. I read something about time somewhere long back, that how time goes by in lumps when we are in a state of high anticipation or excitement. Sometimes it seems like a large chunk of time just disappeared from my life and at other times, even few minutes seem very long. Yes, time is going by in irregular, unpredictable lumps.
Many a time, I notice myself saying and doing routine things like an automaton, because my mind is busy figuring out what is the next thing-to-do on my list. This is the first time in my life that I am marveling at the powers of habit. I don't need to think while talking to many people. I can give correct responses and expressions out of habit, keeping my mind on other matters all the while. And what's more, people don't even notice!

I will try to write another post before flying to Belgium, but going by the frequency of posts on my blog lately, it seems unlikely. Wish me luck folks, I need all of it that I can get :)

Oh, and by the way, the blog title has got nothing to do with drinks, as you guys might have figured out by now. It is about how I feel presently :)


Anonymous said...

Oh no no no no! You can't just LEAVE like that!

16 days means 16 more posts! One expects at least 4!!

Wow, your life sounds so exciting :D

Happy Blog Birthday and HAPPY 26!!!!

Karan said...

Loads of luck to you!
Time does fly fast in excitment and anticipation, but sometimes even a minute seems long ... ?
whats causing that ? :P

Spica said...

Happy Birthday blog!! :-) And Happy birthday to you too, Nikita!

And all the best. Bon voyage. More importantly have fun!! And keep blogging about all the fun! :-)

Rahi said...

hey happy birthday to you and your blog. no i haven't forgotten ur existence. ur last post about that lizard...i showed it to a friend, and she will associate that post with completely unrelated things. so u see she ur lizard has made up for ur absence.

Gymnast said...

Happy Birthday Blog...and have a good journey!

Nikita said...

Thanks for the wishes :)
And I wish I was like you, when it comes to writing. You post every other day! Like wow!

Thankee :)

Nikita said...

Thank you so much! I intend to have all the fun that I can :D

wow! I am glad that you and your friend liked my last post. :)

Nikita said...

Hey thank you so much!

smalltown_girl said...

belated happy birthday nikki :)

n look who s in my blogroll :)

so u shud kep posting :D

Parikshith Kumar said...

Oh, wish you a very very belated happy birthday to you and the blog. Couldnt drop by your blog earlier, was very busy. Sowwy!

HP dv 4? *Geek alert* *Geek alert* , what config, how much RAM, what processor, what graphics card? :-)

Wish you loads of luck, for all future your endevors. Keep blogging.

pseudo intellectual said...

at rather pathetic at math,but methinks you must've already left.all the very best with this phase of ur life.
love n luck :)

pseudo intellectual said...

(am also sleepy.rather obvious,na?)

viswajith.k.n said...

wow...used to visit u r blog daily to see if u did update anything...then after a point i lost patience and gave up...btw belated birthday wishes...hows belgium treating u?

Anonymous said...

Indeed! Where ARE you?

Nikita said...

@All my friends:
I am back :D