Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Four-Legged Cupid

It was not long since they had moved to the new place. She loved it; she thought she could call it her own. He loved it; the view from the 14th floor balcony was mesmerizing. They still did not have a double bed. Mattresses on the floor with loads of cushions and pillows made a makeshift arrangement, and they were happy with it.
It was a hot summer Sunday afternoon.

He- This mattress feels so hot. I can't sleep.
She- Get the chatayi from storeroom and sleep on that.
He- hmmm.. yeah.. good idea.

He gets up, opens the storeroom door, and looks back at her. She is still lying on the mattress, face down, eyes closed.

She- Beware of that lizard in the storeroom. It is so fat that it threatens to fall on one's head at any moment.
He- Unlike you, I am not scared of lizards.
She- Well then, get rid of it.
He- I will when I see it. Right now, it is not in the storeroom.
She- uh..huh..

He is back with the folded chatayi. Contemplates a moment for the best place to spread it. His eyes fall on her, lying on her stomach at the very corner of the mattress. He smiles. Next to her is the best place.

Holding one end of the chatayi, he lets it roll on the ground next to her.
Something jumps on her from the folds of the chatayi.
She shrieks, his eyes dart on her.
A lizard runs the full length of her terrified, shaking body and scurries across the floor to the nearest wall.

He- Oh shit!

Her screams don't stop. He is frozen. She does not turn, does not move at all, and just keeps yelling his name.
Letting the chatayi drop in a heap on the floor, he jumps on the mattress to lie down beside her. He hugs her and she clutches at him, as if for her life.
She- I hate you
He- I am sorry kid. I love you.
Her body is still shaking with suppressed sobs and fear.
His body shakes with suppressed laughter and he hugs her tighter.

The afternoon doesn't seem unbearably hot anymore.


GO said...

Are you afraid of lizards ?

Nikita said...

This is not my story.

As the Mind Meanders said...

Not bad at all.... I look forward to reading the rest of the blog now... probably tonight...

But very well written...

Anonymous said...

Nawty, Nawty, Nawty :P

viswajith.k.n said...

Interesting one man...

Nikita said...

@As the Mind Meanders:
Hey thanks :)
If you haven't already read the other posts, I would recommend reading the 2 poems I have penned down. You can find them under the tag 'Poems'. They aren't anything great, but you might like them ;)

Nikita said...

I would say 'romantic' ;)

Thanks :)

Spica said...

I like it. I do, I do. *nods*

Gymnast said...

Very cute!

Chriz said...

and then what happened? do we have a sequel?

Nikita said...

Thankee *taking a bow* ;)

Hey thanks. I read your blog, very nice posts... will comment soon :)

The rest happens in the imagination of the readers ;)
A sequel might come, not necessarily starting from where I left

Meghana Naidu said...

i hate lizards. no, im not scared of them.
Lizards are too small to be adorable( like mice, and i love chameleons, adore snakes)
and too big to be interesting(like cockroaches, bugs and moths)
So nice story me thinks. *grin*

and ah i love the company of such wonderful people, i enjoyed the comments almost as much post which i enjoyed a lot btw. ;)

take a bow unsung and spica
*i have my reasons* :P

- a chance visitor

Anonymous said...

Oh, this girl is spreading faster than the H1N1.

Nikita said...

@Meghana Naidu:
Hey thanks girl for that comment :)
And everybody hates Lizards!!

Is there something going on here that I don't know about? I feel so left out of the blogosphere :(

Anonymous said...

Change is the only thing that is permanent, you see. Small changes, yes. But one can always reconnect.

Though it's July and you have courses to take this month, miss. A more important phase of your life is about to begin! All the best :)

Rahi said...

i cudn't stop beaming. if this is not ur story, u really hav turned into a great story writer. keep entertaining us with more such stories.

pseudo intellectual said...

very,very,very good! i really liked it. a lot.
keep writing!