Monday, October 13, 2008

Colour Me Purple

In the past few days I have realised how much influence colors have on us. We may or may not realise it but our moods change according to the colors around us. I had never thought much about it till recently when we got our house painted in new colors. I chose all the colors of-course, my parents don't have enough energy to argue with me. I was all set to experiment, no matter how absurd the color seems; fortunately the results are great.

This one's my fav, in my bedroom. Purple + Pink = tranquility + romance :-)

Orange and White in living room. Did I hear someone say 'Vibrant'?

I am in love with the new colors. They have given a new life to my home and to me too in some aspects.
Talking about colors, it seems I love 'Blue' when it comes to accessories. I was going through my junk pile and noticed this. Have a look.

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Doctor Gadget said...

Nicky give me your blue ear-rings to wear with my new Sari :-)