Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Introspection and Retrospection - 2 Days 2 Go!!

Yesterday I took another practice test of GmatPrep (from and guess what my score was............. a 7.... 5... 0....... yeah a 750!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my score. It took time to register that grand figure in my head and to digest the fact that I just scored nearly 100 percentile. My score was 49 in Quant and 42 in Verbal. Yeah, I know.... 49 Quant is amazing :-) Everybody has been telling me that. I just wish I could score a wee bit better in Verbal. I am greedy, I admit.

However, there's someone who has been dampening my high spirits with loads of doubts, apprehensions, misgivings, qualms, dreads, and fears. That someone is the other half of my personality. No, I am not a twisted character suffering from MPD, in case somebody is getting any such ideas. Like everybody else, I have this high-spirited, vivacious, confident, optimistic and happy self; and another gloomy, pessimistic, agonised and dispirited self which sometimes brings me down. Now the pessimistic-me is worried that since all the material that I have studied consists of just one book (Official Guide), the scores that I am getting in practice tests are just a stroke of luck, and this lucky streak may or may not be there on the D-Day. Since I have decided to take the exam on 25th October (Yes, I preponed it by a whole month. Gulp!), I don't have time to go through any more material. All I can do is take as many tests as I can and then work on questions that I get wrong.

2 days to go and all I have studied is the OG! I don't believe I am actually doing this. Heck, I got above 700 in all three practice tests.... I will just keep my fingers crossed now (except when I am typing).

I don't have any preparation for AWA, will work on it in these 2 days as best as I can.

2 days.... GULP!!!!


Karan said...

I have been all your posts ...
49 in quant ...!! Are you the same Nikita ???

700+ can happen with a stroke of luck once, may be twice, but thrice.... nopes

All the best for d-day:)

Mystique Wanderer said...


well now only 25th will tell...but personally i believe u will sail thru

Nikita said...

Yeah, I am the same Nikita... I jus look a lil horrible right now... with all my nails bitten, oily hair, and dark circles under my eyes (beacuse of working on my laptop for long hours) :-) I am jus kidding.... I even look the same :-)
Thanks for the wishes Karan, when are u taking the GMAT now?

@Mystique Wanderer
Hey thanks.... c ya on YM after D-Day.

small_town girl said...

oh.. its 24th..
al d best..
n i hope u do well...

Nikita said...

@Small Town Girl
Thanks for the wishes!! :-)