Monday, October 27, 2008


So GMAT fever is over!!! I scored 680 and I still can't get over the shock. Everybody has been telling me that it's a good score but I am not satisfied. What happened to the 700+ scores that I was getting in all practice tests?? My score breakdown was 48 in Quant and 34 in Verbal. My overconfidence in verbal was the cause I guess. How could I screw up where I expected to do really well? I even considered taking the test again because I know I can get a 700+. However, I don't have time, because the application deadlines are fast approaching. Anyway, the good news is that B-Schools consider Quant scores more than Verbal, and a 48 in Quant is really good.
Next steps are TOEFL and essays and I have no intentions of screwing up anymore.

On the day I took GMAT. Were the Red Heels unlucky??? Still wondering....

I reached Dehradun today and so did my cousins. There are14 adults and 3 kids in my home at this moment and I am having a great time with my family. We have some fabulous plans for Diwali :-)


Mystique Wanderer said...

680...not bad...not so reason to think about it twice...

keep heading towards the big goal...everything else will fall in place...

have a great weekend in ddun...the days it doesnt rain...its absolutely fab weather there... watch a movie in prabhat :P

don't blame the heels ;)

Vamsi said...

Hi Niki,
First of all congrats. This is Vamsi yaar.. Rememeber?? 680 is not at all bad as ur expecting. Anyway just want to wish u for ur score. 680 is a gr8 score indeed. CONGRATS!!!

Mini said...

Its an amazing score. wish you loads of success. Keep us updated on what happens next.

PS: Devil heels might have enhanced the devilish bit in you.

Nikita said...

@Mystique Wanderer:
Yeah... not bad.. not so good :-(
I had a fab weekend... how do u know about Prabhat :-)

Of course I remember you and I always think of you as the girl-who-turned-out-to-be-a-guy. Haha... jus kidding. I still like your name. THANKS!!!

Thanks. Yeah I feel even more devilish when I wear those heels ;-)

Bhaskar Tripathi (hellBoy) said...
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Bhaskar Tripathi (hellBoy) said...

nice score dudette!
Important thing is that it allows you to be eligible in most B-school and you satisfy the minimum cutoff.Everything is fine untill yo umanage to get into a good B-school of oyur choice.

All the best !
have a good life..

Nikita said...

Hey thanks for the encouraging words :-)