Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year That Was

2008 is finally nearly over and am I glad? Well, yes I am. This was one year which was neither entirely good nor entirely bad but was too good and too bad in spurts. Come to think of it my whole short life till date has been like that but this year was a bit too much. It was a year of surprises, shocks, new beginnings, sudden endings, success, failure and everything being utterly unplanned.
I will list down major events of this year in chronological order and reminisce, so that I can breathe a sigh of relief and look back at the rollercoaster ride that this year was and pat my back to congratulate myself for surviving.

January- I visited Mumbai for the first time in my life and stayed there for a month with my brother. Yeah, I had never been to Mumbai before. Although I come from a family of travel freaks and I have been to nearly all places in India from Jammu to Kerela to Goa to Kanyakumari to Kullu to Jaipur to Mysore, and the list goes on, but I had never been to Mumbai. It was a good start to the year.

February- My best friend NV got married on 24th February in Kanpur. Although this is a major event of her life and not mine but when your best friend gets married it results in a lot of changes in your life too. For starters, NV moved to Hyderabad from Noida to live with her husband and this meant that I had to lose my favourite company. I did feel lonely, a lot.

April - The big break-up. Needless to say it left me shattered. Particularly because of why it happened and the way it happened. Enough said.
On 21st April, that was just 2 days after my break-up and the day I exchanged a last hateful sms with my ex, I went to US for a 20 day trip. The trip had been planned hardly a month back and I was naturally very excited about it, until the break-up happened. I lost all willingness to even exist let alone to go on a vacation. I had never imagined that my first overseas holiday would happen in such disastrous circumstances that I would have no interest or inclination towards it. Even just before stepping out of the airport in New York, I had not realised that I was on a long-awaited trip for which I was insanely excited until a week ago. However, the trip turned out to be a really needed break for me and took me away from the sad scene in India for sometime.

July- I decided to prepare for GMAT and started my blog just a day before my 25th birthday. Both the decisions turned out to be very good.

September- Dad joined a new company in Gurgaon on 1st September and Mom and Dad moved to Noida to stay with me. It was a great thing to happen for many reasons. I have always lived a pampered life when it comes to money but this new job of Dad pays him mindblowingly well because he works as the topmost executive of a very good company. This ultimately translates to the fact that I live an even more lavish life now :-)
Another fact is that, my parents moved in with me at a time when I needed them most. I was very lonely after NV's wedding and my break-up. There were other friends but they were not enough. I needed a stronger emotional support and I got that from my mother. Moreover, I could prepare for GMAT without worrying about what to cook for the next meal.

October- I took the GMAT on 25th October and got a really good score of 680. Although I had hoped for more, this score was enough to carry my MBA dream forward.

November- I found a consultant and took TOEFL. I was taking little baby steps forward towards my goal. I was excited and worked hard which gave me immense satisfaction. We also moved to Gurgaon from Noida on 7th November. The new home is BIG, beautiful, comfortable and rich. Plus I left my Noida flat which was full of memories, some horrid some good but I wanted to run away from all memories for sometime. My Noida flat is empty these days, empty because nobody lives there but it is still full of old furniture and old memories. It had become too cramped for me, the memories took up too much space. This was a good month.

December- I lost all steam for MBA, simply because the application process is too long to hold my interest. Although I got my TOEFL score and it was a fabulous 115/120, it wasn't enough to fuel my engine which has turned cold. I am still working on it but it's just because I have got myself so involved that i can't back out. Moreover, this is the only sensible thing to do right now. CARRY ON.

Now that I look back I can see that there were more good things and few bad things that happened this year. However, the bad things took the charm out of every other good thing. It was an year full of a lot of emotional turmoil and upheavals. It somehow seems to me that this year was a year of changes. Changes that are preparing me for the future, and changes are always painful even when they are for good. Well, I really hope that they are for good.

I am eagerly looking forward to 2009. If 2009 was a person, I would have welcomed it with big banners and flower garlands and smiles :-)


unsungpsalm said...

Awww! That was a fascinating chronology!

Wishing you all the best! Here's looking forward to a better 2009 for you, and a horrid one for your ex :D (I know, I know. You intend no ill towards him. But that doesn't apply to us :P )

Also wishing you more lavishness in the coming year... Enjoy life!

Anonymous said...

This was a rocking year and also a tourism-department-beneficiary one too...I travelled so so much...
I guess it was quite the same for you if not in the terms of the intensity of events happening around me...
But, tht was a good summary from ur side...
All the best for the coming year..Hope u have the great greatest year and years ahead...
The only thing I really miss doing this year was chatting with u and rest of the friends..I miss u all guys so so much..wish we can catch up face to face in 2009..


Nikita said...

Thanks for the wishes :-)
And here's wishing a great year to you too. I really hope that you find THE GUY with whom you can spend a considerable time (maybe your whole life)staying committed, and that you come closer to your family (all of them), and that you finally break the news about being gay to your family and may they really understand and support you :-)

Nikita said...

@Anonymous (Neha):
I guess this was one of the best years of your life babes. You will certainly remember it as one. Also the coming year seems very promising for you :-)
I too miss talking with you and all the fun times we had. Thanks for being there always :-)

pseudo intellectual said...

wow. what a nice lil wrap up. am sure u'd have a wonderful year ahead niki.cheers!

unsungpsalm said...

Oh geez, you're so sweet :)
Thank you!

Nikita said...

@pseudo intellectual
Thanks so much!!! Wishing the same for you :-)

Rahi said...

ah it was a fairly good year for you except for the break-up scene. No probs, you have moved over it. and don't give away on ur MBA hopes. best of luck for 2009