Monday, February 2, 2009

Movie + Drinks + Movie = Bad Headache

A movie, followed by a couple of drinks, followed by another movie results in a bad headache!!

That was the lesson I learnt on Saturday. GO and I had another date; GO drove all the way from Noida to Gurgaon again, I made him wait again and we had drinks again. Everything was pretty much the same except for the fact that this time I insisted on watching two movies that day. Yeah, I make such insane choices at times. I totally disregarded the fact that GO comes from Noida on a weekend so that he can meet me and not to watch lousy movies. However, I had to watch a movie and it was painfully difficult to pick between Raaz and Slumdog!! Okay, I know there's no comparison between the two movies but I am a die-hard horror movie fan. I enjoy the creeps that I get sitting in a theatre and moreover I had enjoyed Raaz 1, little did I know that Raaz 2 has not even the remotest connection to it. I fell for the line 'and the mystery continues...' and assumed that it continued from part 1, but, no, it didn't. To make matters worse Emraan Hashmi looked like a wild gorilla because of his hairstyle. I made GO suffer through Raaz and he kept asking me at intervals, "You really wanted to watch this???". I unconvincingly replied each time, "Come on GO, it isn't that bad. And if it gets worse, we can walk out in between". We did walk out but only when just 10 minutes of the movie remained and I realised that we barely had time to grab a bite before it will be time for the Slumdog show.
We were in Ambience Mall and neither GO nor I had ever been there before. I just loved this mall, specially because you don't get the feeling of being at a crowded place at all, so much so that it almost makes you feel that you are not in India. Anyway, after Raaz both of us badly needed good drinks to recover from the disappointing experience and we found a pub, Firangi Paani. Unusual name and nice place. They have an awesome scheme going these days, they have a ladies nite on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, when ladies can have free drinks, yeah absolutely free!! No I am not advertising for them, I thought it may be useful for anybody in NCR :-). Anyway, I ordered the usual LIIT and GO ordered some nasty and evil looking cocktail with Blue Curacao in it. It tasted just like cough syrup, sweet and heady, ugh!! The LIIT was good, not as good as in TGIF though. We were a little high soon and didn't realise that we had missed nearly 20 minutes of Slumdog already. Anyway, we rushed to the auditorium, I with unsteady steps and GO holding my hand. I dropped on my seat in the audi and wanted to sleep right away but GO whispered in my ear almost threateningly, "Don't sleep, watch this movie, it's better than Raaz." He filled in the background so that I could understand what was going on, and although I was almost on the verge of sleeping, and my mind had gone comfortably numb, I watched for a few minutes. The movie was good, my mind slowly aroused itself and then I really watched it, taking in the brutalities, the dust and grime, the reactions of the foreigner couple sitting next to us and even though the narrative went on at a breakneck speed, I enjoyed it. However, GO kept making some intellectual comments about how the director had caught an incomplete view of India albeit a poignant one.

By the time we came out of the audi, I had a bad, real bad headache. Lessons learnt: Never watch two movies in a day; never mix drinks and movies; never mix GO and bad movies (although he is sweet and can watch any movie with me but I later feel guilty).
Next date is already planned and despite headaches and lousy movies, I am loving it! :-)


Chriz said...

hehehe..... u made me laugh


its the date season...

much mushy dates to come.. february bug.. let it bit

Mohit said...

Ahem..Ahem.. lot of things are happening and WHOA! i know nothing...Grrrr. Hi GO...M J of u dude.
Thanx for ur reviews of Raaz, i'll think again. But i dint like Slumdog either. I mean itwas fine but, one time watch dats it.
Chalo Tc :-)

GO said...

Mixing Bad movies and GO can cause more than Bad headaches :)

On second thoughts ... naah, next time lets try 3 in a day!

@Mohit, I think i have found you too!

Nikita said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for the February bug to bite :-)

You know everything chhota pra, coz I write everything on my blog (psst: everything that should not be censored). Dido gave me a dressing down for not being discreet on my blog so I have decided to censor some things at times :-) So whatever is not here, you will get to know when we meet

Nikita said...

3 movies??? Can we increase the number of drinks instead of the number of movies? :D

mister avant garde said...

someone's tipsy allrite!!

Mohit said...

i M waiting desperateky to know ALL. ;-)

Nikita said...

@mister avant garde:
Yeah yeah.. me tipsy... bring on the bubbly .... cheers.. hick!!

Anonymous said...

Aww! How lovely some friendships are! GO, you seem very nice :)

It's a pity you didn't catch Slumdog in full senses, though... You should go watch it again. What say, GO?

Rahi said...

yeah i too feel the same as unsungpsalm. were u able to appreciate the second movie. btw u r on my blogroll now.

GO said...

@unsungpsalm, i generally get perceived as a nice guy, no wait a minute,i m nice :)

I wouldnt really watch it again,but if the author of the blog wants it again, i wudnt blink twice to say yes!

Nikita said...

That was such a sweet comment. :-)
I cant watch any movie on the big screen for some time now. I still have a hangover from watching 2 movies in a day. Would catch Slumdog at home on dvd maybe.
And GO is not just nice. Actually a combination of nasty and nice, which is totally irresistible :-)

Nikita said...

Thanks for adding me on your blogroll :-)

pseudo intellectual said...

GO sounds like a really cool pal :P

Nikita said...

Yeah GO is a very cool pal :-)
I told GO that I have a big heart and I can share or loan him out to other friends. GO says that he has an insatiable appetite for friends!!
So, you may borrow him anytime :-)