Saturday, November 1, 2008

Diwali and After-Effects

We had a fabulous, rocking and spirited Diwali this year. Blew up loads of crackers (Shh!! I am not anti-crackers, though I am anti-pollution :-) but spare me for a day puhleez), had an amazing barbecue, ate all sorts of sweets and snacks, got gifts ranging from accessories and dresses, to photo frames and perfumes (I even got a nightie from China!). I have gained at least 3 Kgs in a week and have lost all enthusiasm for TOEFL. I have posted some pics from Diwali, here they are

Chacha (my uncle) narrowly escaped being injured from a wayward rocket but his new trousers weren't that lucky. Apart from this solitary incident, Diwali was peaceful.
I got my official score report for GMAT and my score in AWA is 5.0 out of 6. I think it's good though only 55% people scored below 5. I have to get back to the grind without losing on time as I am already running short on it. My targets for this week are to prepare for TOEFL and to find a consultant.
I finally got a pic clicked wearing my knee-high boots but it's not a great pic.
Yeah, the boots are not very visible. I will get another better picture soon :-)


Nidhi said...

hey.. dont tell me you have gained 3 kgs! ..whr ?? !! ..m just sensitive abt 'weight' topics;) :).

Nikita said...

You can't see the weight because of my intelligent selection of posted pics :-)
See me in flesh and blood and you would know where I have gained 3 Kgs. The most fat prone area of my body. Sigh!!
Don't be sensitive about weight topics... nobody looks below your gorgeous face... trust me.