Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Breather - TOEFL

I watch the news, get angry when I see a complacent politician, fight back the tears when I see a martyr's family, and feel agitated when I watch large crowds of people demanding action. I find myself in an emotionally charged mood the entire day every day.
A respite came in the form of my TOEFL result. My score is 115/120, which is reaaallllyyy good. Reading - 30/30, Listening - 30/30, Speaking - 27/30, Writing - 28/30.
No mood to celebrate but this at least made me get back to work on my applications, else since the night of 26th all I have been doing is watch the news, talk to people, show my anger and express solidarity with the nation. Not that I am moving on and going to forget 26/11. Some things in life are not supposed to be forgotten, though they hurt, we refuse to nurse such wounds. They have changed the way we think forever.


mister avant garde said...

congrats on ur toefl score girl :)

Vamsi said...

Hey congrats Niki,
Wish u all the best for ur applications.. By the way which school r u targetting at now???

Nikita said...

@mister avant garde
thanks dude :-)

Thanks... well, I am targeting 10 schools in all. Lets see how it works out in the end