Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Fear A New Beginning

How do I tell you
That I have given my heart away
That I carry a baggage night and day
That I have gone astray

How do I love you
When I bear a broken heart
When I can't make a fresh start
When I can't let go of the past

How do I make you happy
When I am smarting inside
When I can no more decide
When I contemplate suicide

You wonder what I am thinking
You think I am unfair
The truth is my darling
That I am in despair

You want to have me in your life
Then weed out each hurt and strife
The pain that I carry from the past
I fear it is always going to last

How should I tell you
That you deserve to be loved
And I cannot use you
As a cure for my hurts


Karan said...

OK, i read it seriously and it has deeper meaning
but y is the tone so sombre?

By the way blogs,articles,pictures,poems ...
wat next, lyrics ??

chandni said...

lovely writing!

Nikita said...

I wrote it in a sombre mood and hence the sombre tone
Lyrics... never tried, but it sure seems exciting. Who knows.. I might pen down some lyrics too in the coming days :-)

Thanks :-) Dat sounds very encouraging coming from you. I love your writing :-)

Kaushik (Kumar) said...

Very beautiful! Touching...