Saturday, December 13, 2008

Estoy Aprendienda Espanol

The past week was heavy, sad, and boring. I have observed that the best way to get out of a depression is to learn something new. It rejuvenates you!
I was really happy when I joined swimming classes (3 years back), when I joined salsa classes (2 years back), and when I was learning French on my own. Although my education in all these stopped after a month each, it nevertheless was exciting.
So, this time I decided to learn some Spanish. I did not continue with French because it was difficult to learn on my own. I could not find a great site for French where I could get interactive video lessons for free. Moreover, French seemed somewhat boring (no offence to those who love it!). It seems a very laid back and mature language, whereas Spanish is full of life and zest. Add to it the sexy latino accent (if you can capture it) and hola! it's super exciting.
I found a fabulous site which gives superb video lessons in Spanish for free. There are various stages of learning, various lessons, and even points to earn. I took my first class today, needless to say I got a fabulous score :-)
Now way to go; and now I know what does Madonna mean when she sings 'Te Dijo Te Amo' in 'La Isla Bonita' :-)


Karan said...

Todos los mejores :)

Nikita said...

Gracias Karan :)
You know, I have had two classes, and now I can introduce myself in Spanish and describe the physical and personal attributes of anybody or myself..... Cool, right?

Kaushik (Kumar) said...

In the other post you described that your father has started earning a lot more and god bless for that then why do you need to look for free videos? Why can't you spend some money for quality DVDs or online classes or discussion groups?