Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Karma and Holi

A Very Happy Colorful Holy Holi To All

I am visiting my cousins in Kanpur for Holi this year, and although I have never in my life liked Kanpur, I am looking forward to celebrating Holi with my cousins. This will be my first Holi here and I have heard that Kanpur people go wild when celebrating the festival of colors. I have been singled out as today's target by cousins, brothers-in-law, nephews, and nieces alike. I know I am going to get a raw deal today :(


My to-be-school Vlerick is constantly on my mind these days. It feels like I am infatuated with the school, and I am sure if there was any such thing as love with inanimate objects, then I would have called it the beginning of a love affair. Well, come to think of it, to my mind Vlerick is not at all an inanimate object. However, I don't want to go blah-blah about my school again because that is exactly what I am doing since many days and people around me now grab any nearby object to stuff it either in my mouth or in their ears, whichever is easier. I would just write about my love relationship with Vlerick :)

In February, I first saw its name on the 2008 Financial Times rankings and because it was in Europe, I visited the college website. It was simply love at first sight. The college campus was beautiful and the city even more so. The various stats about the college were very impressive and I knew that we were meant to be together. I had a fair idea that my chances were bleak considering the reputation of Vlerick in Europe. I nevertheless decided to give it a try. It was tough, the application, the essays et all, but the path of true love is never easy. I submitted the application and waited for some days with bated breath (just figuratively), praying throughout and asking my friends to pray for me. I think that Gods were kind and I came to know my results in 6 days flat. I am the only person out of those admitted who had the results in that unbelievably short duration. For everybody else it took more than 2 weeks. I made it, I have been accepted by my love and I can't wait for our new life together. The latest FT rankings just gave me more reason to rejoice, because Vlerick jumped up by 22 places (now ranks 75 in the world), which makes it the fastest moving-up-the-ladder school. I have to now complete the registration process to legalise our relationship and then Vlerick would be officially mine. We will live together from 1st September.

Give this couple your blessings :D

Alright, so I just demonstrated my insane infatuation but so what!


Mister Avant Garde said...

and by the power vested in me by the holy brethren of B-skools, i now pronounce both u n vlerick, man n wife :) ... u may now, hmmm, let's leave it at that wot say?!

GO said...

I hope you can two time :)
Yeah,i need an object to grab!

unsungpsalm said...

Yayieee! September, september!

Are the finances worked out? Golly, you must've saved a lot!

Nikita said...

@mister avant garde:
wow.. we are married now and that too by Mister Avant Garde himself. :D
mmm yeah leave it at that :)

I can multi-time anytime :D
You never told me you wanted to grab objects to stuff my mouth (or your ears) :(

Nikita said...

Yesss... September :D
I would take a loan for a major portion of the required finances, and for rest Dad's helping me. I was never into saving :(
Thankfully, Vlerick is one of the most pocket-friendly MBA programs coz it gets many grants from corporate partners :)

Spica said...

Lol.. I'm glad you're so excited. Make sure you hog on them chocolates once you get there!

Anonymous said...

I have sent you an-email but I guess you are out of town :)


GO said...

nice video, u vlerickomaniac.

Nikita said...

Oh yes, who can resist Belgian chocolates. Also Belgian Beer (although I hate Beer) :D

Thanks and I like that term. Vlerickomaniac :)

Chriz said...


all the very best for the couple.. may you guys have a romantic fun filled honeymoon.. hope it goes up the ladder more and mmore...

add te holi pics