Thursday, March 5, 2009

The News

Although I am very ill and tired at the moment, I still feel euphoric. I have been speaking almost non-stop for the last 2 days, which has made my tonsils swell and has resulted in a mild fever, but I never felt better in my life.
Dear Blogdosts,
Thank you all for your kind comments on my previous post. You all encouraged me no end and I am very happy to share now that I have received the much-awaited offer from my dream school, Vlerick Leuven Gent School of Management. I still can't believe that I really made it to one of the top 100 B-Schools in the world. As far as I know, I am the only girl selected from India as yet, 4 other Indian guys have been offered admission, and I believe there will only be 2-3 more Indian admits.
I have been running really busy since last 2 days. On 3rd March I went to Noida and met Priya, GO and a college friend whom I had not met since ages. I came back home late and tired and checked my mails to find a mail from Vlerick, informing me about the offer. I screamed, yes, I did. I told Mom and then Dad and then called friends and since then I am talking incessantly to friends and family and narrating the whole story to everyone. Nothing less would do! On 4th, that is yesterday, I had a wedding to attend, where I again met many family members who got to hear the entire history of Vlerick from me. That much of talking has its disadvantages, and I am now struggling to recover from a fever and pain in my throat. I never before realized that I gulp more than once every minute. I now know, because each time I gulp, I close my eyes and do it in slow motion, else the pain seems almost unbearable.
Anyhow, these last few days have been very eventful for me and I am not complaining :-). Thank you guys for your good wishes. I think they really worked for me. The session begins September 1 and I am really looking forward to it :D


Mister Avant Garde said...

awethoooooooome girl :) ... congrats da ... see i told ya, u would make it :) ... party hard n make merry girl, u really deserve it... btw, icky throat not letting u swallow things is it? ... have heard it's easy to bribe nebody with chocolate (tat's my mantra neways!)... get well soon, n well, party more :)

Spica said...

Congratulations!!!! Knew you can do it!! :-)

On the other hand, get well soon! I'm glad you're not letting a small cold get in the way of your writing! :-)

Rahi said...

congratulations. so when wud u b moving out for the studies. i wish u all luck. keep updating your blog as we wud like to hear what's happening at ur end.

Nikita said...

@mister avant garde:
Hey thanks dude :-)
Unfortunately I don't have time to party this month but would definitely party like I never did, in April :)
My throat feels much better. Last night I had a big bar of chocolate :D

Nikita said...

Thanks!!! I am feeling much better now, guess the euphoria has healing effects :D

Thanks! I would be flying by August end. Blog shall always be updated and I will keep everybody posted even during my study program :)
Somebody once said to me that my blog should be a perpetual fad, and I intend that too :)

GO said...

yeah, it has to be a perpetual fad :)
This is THE BEST POST on the blog ...
so far!

Nikita said...

Thanks dear, and a big special thanks for helping me throughout and supporting me.
Hey, Vlerick jumped to world rank 75 in the latest FT rankings... whooppiieee!!!

arshat.chaudhary said...

Congrats!! Thats so cool.. Must feel great! Do us proud girl! :)
And yeah, get well soon :)

unsungpsalm said...


Horray for that :) :) Well deserved, well deserved...

Belgium, here comes La Femme :D :D

When do you start?

Nikita said...

Hey thanks! It does feel great :)

Hehe.. thanks :D
Program starts 1st September so I would fly by late August. Verrryyy excited about the whole thing :)

Abhi said...

i m so happy for u for getting thru in Vlerick. Its a great place to be. Belgium is a great country and "Vlerick" the best b-school around.
Time to celebrate..


Chronicwriter said...

congos girl.. ragging will be there?

have fun

Anonymous said...

Wrote previous comment at wrong post

Wow.. Congrats!! I read in your earlier blog that you made in. I am still in phase of preparing apps :-(

Hope my prayers would have a tiny share in that :)

If you could please drop me a test mail at gmater08 at the rate of


Anonymous said...

sorry, forget to ask, are you done with interview also ?


Nikita said...

Thanks! And congrats to you too for making it to the best B-School in BeNeLux. Looking forward to meeting you and other batchmates :)

Thanks dude! :)
No ragging there I suppose, coz its a 1 year program. By the time I go there, the previous batch would have already passed out :)
And then, the average age at Vlerick is 30. Have you ever seen 30 year olds who rag? :)

Nikita said...

Thanks and all the best with your applications. I have also sent you a mail :)