Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life And To-Do-List

Life has suddenly become very busy. There are numerous things to do on my list and there is a deadline for everything. I came back from Kanpur on 12th and had an exam for my HR diploma on 15th. I have the next exam tomorrow but since 15th I have been busy with my registration at Vlerick. I met GO and his friends day before to catch up over drinks and dinner because GO is going to US for 3 months on a business trip. I will be done with my HR exams on 25th and after that, I have to rush things to get a loan and then apply for Visa. Meanwhile, I also have to join French classes (it will look good on my resume during placements next year) and keep learning until August. With all this work and the deadlines threatening to zoom past, I am also trying to keep in touch with my future batch mates at Vlerick. They are a nice bunch, all of them from varied backgrounds and age groups. I know only about the Indian admits yet, and hence I can imagine the kind of diversity we will get in the class once we are actually there. The Indian admits are all brilliant people and I am looking ahead to an intellectually stimulating and exciting time at Belgium.
I have to visit Parneet while she is in Delhi. Amit has promised to come to Delhi from Hyderabad before I leave, so I have plans to catch up with him too. Golly, I need to meet everybody in these few months.
Life is revolving around a 'To-Do-List' these days and I guess it is going to get busier and busier. I have heard and read about the horrid working and sleeping hours at B-Schools, and I think I need to prepare myself for the grind. Already, I feel that I have stopped thinking coherently. My thoughts all start with, "I need to ..." and a new thing-to-do is mentally added to my already miles long list. :(
.11) I need to brush up my cycling skills. It has been years since I rode a bike and in Belgium people prefer to pedal down to wherever they want to go.
.20) I need to do a lot of boring reading before I go. Business Reviews, Economic Times, Business Blogs.
55) I need to learn all about Internet Marketing and professional writing. It might help me earn during my studies. Just an Idea :D
.79) I need to reduce my sleeping hours :(
.100) I need to stop needing rest :(
.101) I need to stop talking about Vlerick :D


GO said...

Make 101 as 1 and in Bold!

Nikita said...

You are in for trouble now.
Grrrrrr :P

Chronicwriter said...

haha.. as for latest marketing trends check this blog

its by a friend of mine.. hot new management stuff for Business aspirants..

all the very best for your belgium stufy visit...

keep posting

Vamsi said...

101) I need to stop talking about Vlerick :D

May be you forgot ..... after that ... :P hahahaha

Hey i checked out the rankings of Vlerick College in FT rankings site.
Nice to know that it is very good in "Career Progressing" and "Value for Money".

Spica said...

On the bright side, you have so many things to look forward to! :-) Including cycling!!!

Nikita said...

Hey, thanks a lot for the blog. I have blogrolled it :)

erm.... I forgot what? Maybe we can take it on messenger.

Yeah, many things to look forward to, but cycling is not one of them. I was never comfortable while cycling, will never be :(

Anonymous said...

Don't stop talking about Vlerick! It makes you so happy :)

And French.... I'm sooo jealous :P

GO said...

Those lyrics are beautiful, isnt it ?

Nikita said...

awww hon, thanks for understanding that it makes me happy :)
And you should be learning French too. That would make YOU happy :)

Rahi said...

u mean to say u have 95 of the to-do list. god, i m impressed. u r sounding too humble if u sound too tired. i know u can easily bear thru the grind. u r no less intellectual and i mean it from my heart.

pseudo intellectual said...

hi! i disappear for a few days, and look what friends go and do! :P CONGRATS! and u have relatives in kanpur? i love that city. i stayed there for six years. best years of me life :)
when u leaving? fall semester hai na?

Nikita said...

Yep beautiful lyrics. Thanks for making me listen to beautiful songs always. I need to give my iRiver to you, to make a great collection of songs for me :D

Naah, i meant that the list is too long to put down every item :)
Most of the listed things are STILL-TO-DO :(

Thankee gal and welcome back. We sure missed ya. Yep, if you go and disappear for ages, you are bound to get shocks when you return :D
You stayed in kanpur for 6 years?? And you also like that place?? mmm that's surprising. I never knew Kanpur could be liked. Maybe there's something to the city that I never noticed, or maybe you had awesome company there.

Nikita said...

@pseudointellectual again:
Yeah fall semester. I will leave by August end :)

chandni said...

waah much has happened since the last time I visited this blog :)

congratulations for the admission!

Mister Avant Garde said...

i strongly suspect that you and vlerick are more than just frens! ... u're dam dam xcited bout this place aren't you?! ... the last time i was this xcited bout nethin, was when my girl and me exchanged numbers :) ... all the verry besht for ur MBA world girl ... i'm sure u're gonna have a rollickin time there ...

GO said...

So, are u coming to give me ur iriver ? :)

Nikita said...

Oye, U have gone to US to work and it is monday morning for you, and you are reading blogs :P
yeah I will come to US to give you my iRiver, then you come to Belgium to return it :D

Nikita said...

yeah, you should visit more often :)

@mister avant garde:
We are just good friends :D hehehe
thanks vinay :)