Saturday, March 28, 2009

Leonine Luxury

Ah! The joys of a manicure! I am indulgently staring at my fingers while typing. I am touching and picking objects gently and not grabbing at them, to make my nail polish last longer. Alas! Even with new and improvised beauty products entering the market every other day, there is still not a single nail polish that would last even for 3 days without chipping. Anyway, right now my hands are glowing and my nails are shining. What more could a girl ask for? Apart from some Mac products and spa trips and new clothes and.... mmm guess I am getting carried away :)
While getting my manicure this evening, I let my thoughts wander. I was thinking how much I love pampering. I know everybody does, but with me, it goes to another level. It has a healing effect on my body, mind, and soul. It makes me so happy! I think it has a lot to do with me being a Leo :)
Okay, people who don't believe in sun-signs are now rolling their eyes. Roll 'em as much as you want dear non-believer, but every Leo loves luxury and pampering, and that's as good as a fact. There might be just different ways of being pampered that work for different people, but scratch the surface and you find that need for self-indulgence in every Big Cat.
These days I am too much into it. I have a set routine (yes, I count that as indulgence), I wake up at 6 AM, I do Yoga, I meditate, I listen to soothing lounge music during my shower, I eat only fruits for my dinner, all of which makes me feel as fresh as a baby. My mind is so relaxed, my body feels so light and I am so peaceful that I do imagine being just-out-of-the-womb kind of fresh. Alright maybe a just-out-of-the-womb baby isn't that happy. I should say a-day-old-baby kind of fresh. I believe in getting my facts right :)
I want to clarify here that I am not a diet and fitness freak, neither am I paranoid about my weight, and I call myself a 'foodie'. It is just a phase that I am in, but now I am seriously considering making it my lifestyle. However, I also know that all this is possible because presently I have more time on my hands than I can waste without feeling guilty. Once I get back into the grind of work or studies, it would be nearly impossible to afford such luxury. This gets me back to the L-word. Yep, that's the L-word of my life nowadays :)
Psst: I succeeded in not mentioning Vlerick even once in my post. Yayieee!! :D


Spica said...

You wake up at 6 when you don't have to??!!!


Chronicwriter said...

haha.. i wake up at 6 too.. but get out of bed at 9..

i maintain my nails well too.. have to do that.. same pinch.. dont use nail polish though.. but sure apply nail moistures.. and vaseline..

Anonymous said...

Ahhh! It's a Leo trait then, is it? Completely explains my sister's shoppaholism.

And really, 6 AM is abhorrently early. At least do 7!

Mister Avant Garde said...

someone has rightly said, "vanity, no apologies"!

Nikita said...

Yeah, I am trying to act all grown up :D

Lemme guess, you do that because you play guitar? Coz you don't look like a metrosexual to me :)

oooh, your sis too a leo? She lives in Delhi right? I could go shopping with her :D

@mister avant garde:
Vanity never goes with apologies dude :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, no... she's in Bangalore :(

Chriz said...


hehe not a metrosexedddd-up guy...

i am more of the contra-rural types if you see my other habits..

yes i keep my nails short cos of the guitar thingie and cos my nails are the ones that people notice when i play the guitar.. and i gotta be very careful dealing with it..

Parikshith Kumar said...

Leos love manicure? Well I seem to be an exception :-)

My friends once were hell-bent on getting me manicured. "Yeh haath mujhe de de thakur" were the kinds of invitation they sent me on behalf of the manicurist. I won't go into the details of what my reaction was, but they never dared asking again :-)

Maybe one day the Leo shall try it. Till that day, I will have my hands firmly in my pocket and maintain a kilometer distance from any manicure parlor.

Good post!

Nikita said...

Leos don't necessarily love manicure, but they do love indulgence.
Well, I didn't mention something else about leos in my post. It is that, Leos can be the biggest lazy bums and as obstinate as a rock :D
Hmmm, men can do without manicure as long as they don't dig their noses with them nails. After reading your blog, I suspect that you do :)
Blogrolling you btw

Parikshith Kumar said...

To be blogrolled... Oh that really is a first for me.

First of all, I'd like to thank... darn now where has that thank you speech chit gone?, It was s'posed to be in my left pocket, or was it the right one, no the hip pocket I think, hey where is it... Oh never mind, but I would like to thank you ,Nikita, for blogrolling me. For thanking the others, I need to find that chit, darn now where I have I kept it...