Saturday, November 8, 2008


When it hits you, it hits you from all quarters. I have not had such a bad bout of fever and cold since a long time. Dad never fell down from stairs ever in my memory. I never before post-poned an exam when it was very important to get over with it asap. We never had to move house amidst all such confusion and agonies. However, all this happened together in the past two days.

Well, life's an adventure!!! So be it.

I have decided to take the TOEFL on 15th November, I couldn't possibly take it earlier.

Duh!!! And I can't write now.... my sister, the most irritating, insufferable, full of sick jokes, and distracting person in the world is reading this over my shoulder. She is like plague and I can't get rid of her right now. So I will write a follow up post later.

She just took a bite off my leg for writing this...........

It's my turn to do the same to her.......


Anonymous said...

Yup u'r right, when it hits it, hits in its worst ways, nd above that ur plaguy sis, Goshhhhhh.... but don worry, it'll get over soon.

Nikita said...

Are u the same person who wrote an anonymous comment in my previous post? Coz if you are, then I would like to know what's keeping you from displaying ur identity. Do you have a funny name? In that case you can pick any fake name (Horny n Thorny, for instance). But why comment anonymously?
The word 'anonymous' gives me the creeps. I keep wondering (and hoping) whether it's a secret admirer, or a crazy stalker. You are making me over curious. If you turn out to be a girl, I promise I will track you down and kill you. How boring would it be to have a girl post anonymous comments on my blog.
Next time display your identity.
Thanks for the sweet comment anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hey wat's there in the name, nd u know wat, i can be a admirer nd a crazy stalker too, as u wish dear. But i'll always be there for u in deeps nd in shallows too.