Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

I am writing from my new home in Gurgaon. We don't yet have curtains and I have a big glass window next to my bed. I am lying on my stomach and facing the window and right at this moment a crazy looking fella in a balcony facing my window is staring at me.

I still have cold and cough but I am feeling much better.

After my post titled 'Feeling Low', I got some very interesting responses. A friend suggested that it seems I have too much pent up energy, so what I need is sex. Another friend said I should meditate and practice yoga. Another suggestion was to get married and settle down (I really wonder what people mean by settling down). Best response was from my sister, she said that yelling and fighting is my everyday behaviour ("ye toh tu roz karti hai") so I have no cause to worry about it.

I read a lot about Barack Obama today and I was impressed by the man. Although I rooted for him, I did not know much about him. I now know, why he has that brilliant personality - he is a Leo, that's why :-). I would anyday have a Leo world leader over a Virgo (McCain). Then there are those other interesting facts about Obama. His Harvard education, his inclination to writing (he has authored two books), his unusual origins, his impressive height (6' 1.5"), how he met his wife (while working together), everything makes him charismatic. I hope he appears as brilliant and charismatic after his term in the White House as he does now.

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