Friday, November 21, 2008

A Visit To My Alma Mater

Hmmm... at least there is something good about collecting documents when applying to universities. I got to visit my school, my alma mater, and it felt like visiting a long lost nanny of my childhood. The first thing I felt when I entered the huge gates was a feeling of pride for having once belonged to that wonderful place, CJM Dehradun. When the guard asked what my business was, I told him I wanted to see the Principal and that I was an ex-student. He looked at me and asked again, "Which batch madam?"
"Err.... 2000", and I immediately felt as if I was old. Gosh, it has been 8 years since I passed out!
"Oh, long back" the guard retorted, as if he wanted to cement my view.
Anyway, it was great visiting CJM again. The building still looks beautiful, ancient, graceful, like a cultured and well-bred arrogant lady who never seems to age. It is more than 100 years old, yes, the school was founded in 1901. Some history it has, even the then Queen of England visited it sometime before independence. Yeah, I am proud to be a CJMite and I always will be.

The Church in school campus. I couldn't capture the whole structure :-(

That old but sedate building is Father's residence at CJM.
And below are some creative pieces of art from the paintbrushes of kids :-)


mister avant garde said...

a visit to one's alma matter is definitely 'fuzzy-n-happy-nostalgia' through and through :) ... u writing bout ur school has gotten me all nostalgic bout mine ...

Nikita said...

I am glad I could make a vanguard feel nostalgic :-)